A dedicated experience for
being together with people in VR

Meeting and talking with people is the best experience VR has to offer. Unai is both a headset and a virtual world designed to make that experience a whole lot better.
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A look inside the Unai virtual world

We are building the world inside the Unai headset.
This is rendered in real-time using the Unai headset hardware.

No wires. Unai is an all-in-one VR headset.

We use a dedicated box that wirelessly connects to our headset. This offers tons of creative freedom to make beautiful, engaging worlds.

We are working on solving the many technical challenges of using this dedicated box wirelessly (network, latency, battery,...). Join us to help solve those challenges!
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Facial features and body tracking

The Unai headset uses 9 cameras and two microphones. We are working on true spatial audio, facial features tracking and full body tracking.

We rely on machine learning and we’d love for you to join us and help build our models.
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We’re on a mission to build an endless dreamlike world in VR. Join us.

There are many challenges ahead of us and we are building a remote team to take them on together.

Technical Challenges

Building the low-level & OS layers of our headset, leveraging dedicated hardware on which to deploy our models and libraries.
Designing our PCBs and their manufacturing processes for the fastest iteration cycles possible.
Developing AI models to capture people's facial expressions and body movements via cameras and reproduce them realistically inside the virtual world.
Developing the SLAM of our headset, running on dedicated hardware.
Creating inside Unreal Engine an “animation and character customization engine“ to realistically reproduce people’s movements inside the Unai world.
Lead our C++ development.
Creating our Industrial Designs and manufacturing process

Artistic Challenges

Creating a wide range of 3D environments made for VR and exploring new styles.
We want people to be able to create great customizable characters, that behave like human beings and avoid the uncanny valley.
Creating diverse visual universe, from deserts, huge cities, futuristic buildings, large natural spaces, to whole new planets…

Working at Unai

Some work is better done remotely and some benefit from the spontaneity and randomness of being in the same room. So our team is remote, but every 3 months we’ll rent houses in one location (including a chef to cook for everyone). The goal is to spend a very intense moment working together in the same room and making the most out of it.
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Want to get in touch? maxim@unai.one
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About us

My name is Maxim Perumal (Maxim xyz), I’m the co-founder and CEO of Unai.

I built my own VR headset when I was 15 years old because I couldn’t afford to buy one. It became Relativty.com.

I open-sourced it 4 years ago and since I kept building new VR headsets, and now I am building Unai.

For updates follow me @maxim_xyz.
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