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Working at Unai

Some work is better done remotely and some benefit from the spontaneity and randomness of being in the same room. So our team is remote, but every 3 months we’ll rent houses in one location (including a chef to cook for everyone). The goal is to spend a very intense moment working together in the same room and making the most out of it.

Technical Recruiter

Unai is a team of experienced, rebellious engineers and creators who left companies such as Apple, Nvidia, and Microsoft and are passionate about making VR the right way at Unai. The next hires will help define the company.
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Computer Vision (ML/AI) Engineer

Tracking the user’s body and face in 3D is the cornerstone of avatars that feel human. We use numerous cameras pointing at the body, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision models to achieve this.
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Embedded Driver Engineer

To enable the full potential of VR, we are pushing the envelope on the latest SoCs driving more cameras for Computer Vision, higher resolutions for the displays, trying new compression methods, better wireless performance, and more.
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Game/3D Engine Programmer

Unai uses a mix of our custom lightweight engine to perform VR-specific operations and existing engines such as Unreal Engine that programmers and artists are already familiar with to create their experiences in.
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Unreal Engine Game Developer

Just like the switch from 2D to 3D games was not just about graphics but about re-thinking the gaming experience and solving the new problems posed by a new medium:
We believe that VR is the next frontier that poses new game design and development problems.
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3D Art Director

We want people to use VR because they are genuinely excited by the wonders of virtual worlds. We believe creating meaningful experiences that are emotionally impactful requires great art and new ideas, not lifeless corporate art.
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